Elizabeth Ann Morris

Transform Your Life


Auspicious blessings to you all and thank you for visiting my website. Please take a few moments to tune into today's sacred word - may it light up your thoughts, may it inspire you to live today in harmony with everything.

My role is to help you understand that there is a unique and divine purpose in your existance.You are an amazing being and have much love, joy, inspiration and wisdom to share as you journey through each lifetime.  When you forget this and find life a challenge or struggle, I can guide you back to the  essence of who you truly are.  My workshops, readings, spiritual coaching and soul alignment sessions are designed to empower and re-activate the memory of your soul and its true purpose. During these sessions, I am guided by angels and wise beings who overlight your soul and shine the brightest light of love and encouragenment around you.  You are truly blessed and  as you journey into this rememberance again you create balance and harmony in all aspects of your being.

Please explore my website. Feel free to contact me for more information or advice on any aspect of my work. I look forward to hearing from you.

Elizabeth Ann

Today's Sacred Word



My Vision
May integrity truth and wisdom be the foundation for all communication. May we all empower people, may we all transform lives.

My Mission
To honour the sacredness of all life and through all my thoughts words and deeds become a co-creator for the New Golden Age.

My Passion
To teach, to heal, to write, to inspire and to bless and be grateful for every moment of my life.  



June 2014
My 2 new Cd's and MP3 downloads available.
   "Transform your Reality"
   "Sacred Communication"
Transforming your Reality -  takes you on a journey of discovery into the Spiritual Laws.  Through inderstanding how the Spiritual Laws operate, you can work with them consciously to  transform your reality and bring meaning and purpose to your life.

Sacred Communication -  is a journey of  recognising how to use our voice and language for the highest intention.  It is about creating language from our heart through our vocal cords so that we become God's voice in action.

New Workshops - Summer/Autumn 2015 
Transforming my Reality - A Journey of Discovery into the Spiritual Laws
Sacred Communication - Speaking with Integrity
Healing and Unity of Divine Feminine and Masculine Consciousness